JGT PR gets media for nonprofits

Why Hire Us

Focused Expertise

If you want to be on national TV or have influence in Congress, don’t hire us. But if you want to make a splash along the Sound Shore and the Hudson, we’re your firm. We know the right people in the right places. Who’s who in the media, business, government and civil society. Our firm’s mission is to increase public engagement among all racial, ethnic and cultural communities to make the Lower Hudson Valley a better place for everyone.

Solid Results

We focus on getting results for our clients. Realistic results. If you have a bright idea that we doubt is achievable, we’ll tell you so, and suggest alternatives. We won’t string you along, charging by the hour. What we will do is help you chart a course and get you where you want to go.

Fair Prices

We’ll meet with you, analyze your needs and offer you a flat project rate or a reasonable monthly retainer. That’s it. We’ll never come back to you with bills for expensive lunches or cost over-runs.

Real Change

Just getting in the media is not enough. There’s a reason you want media attention. More clients or customers, more income, more influence. You want to change something, or else you wouldn’t be hiring a PR firm in the first place. We help you develop a strategy designed to achieve real change.