About JGT Public Relations

At JGT, we view public relations as more than just getting into the media or being visible. Genuine relationships are based on conversations—not just talking at people, but truly engaging with them. That’s why we like to describe our services as engagement strategies. We help nonprofit and social sector organizations engage with their constituents and communities, and our approach to engagement is multidimensional. There are four main components to our client work.


Public relations is an inside job. It starts with the media that you own—your website, brochures, newsletter, fact sheets, and other publications, both print and digital. We help you develop compelling messages about your mission and services, inform you about the latest apps, trends, and issues that affect your field, and offer honest feedback if we see you using too much jargon or getting too “inside baseball.”


Once you have your act together, we help you take it on the road. The first stop may be Facebook, followed by a few other shared platforms that offer a good return on your investment. You don’t have to exhaust your people and your resources by trying to be everywhere. We’ll assess your existing content and areas of competence. Then we’ll help you develop a content marketing strategy that makes the most of shared media and draws traffic to your website, your mail box, and your brick-and-motor front door (assuming you have one).


Yes. We will help you get publicity. We just call it by a more descriptive name. Because, as you probably know very well, media coverage is earned, not given. You have to spend time researching the media outlet, discovering who writes about what, when their deadlines are, and how to contact them—at the secret email address they actually use. You have to come up with a good story angle, craft a great pitch, send it out, do all the backing-and-forthing required to set up an interview, cope with last-minute changes, and on, and on, and on. We do all that for you—and we usually get very good results. Just ask and we’ll show you our e-clips.


Stop. Before you say, “Nonprofits don’t buy advertising,” consider this. Digital technologies have changed the media landscape dramatically. There are far fewer traditional news outlets than there once were. Every one of them, even the big corporate outlets, is struggling to adequately fund their news gathering operations while maintaining the profit margin demanded by shareholders.
At the same time, the best way to reach potential donors, volunteers, and other supporters is to precisely target them using the wealth of data owned by online media companies. And you can’t use that data without paying for it. Trust us. You’ll get better results spending a few hundred dollars on Facebook ads than you will by burning through thousands of staff hours trying to get a PSA aired at 2:00 a.m. The trick is to buy the right ads, on the right platform, at the right time, targeted to the right demographics. We’ll show you how.

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